ongoing projects

A selection of three independent projects. SINGLE is complete, and you can view the entire show. I am happy to talk about curating the project to fit the space and the clientele (e.g. removing anything that may be offensive, or not suitable to children).
(UN)DRESSED is ongoing, and currently has 5 pieces. CONVENIENCE is ongoing, and currently has 4 pieces.



What does it look like to change you life?
In the quiet months of winter I left the stability of a home and a relationship; left the constant company, the lived in space, the certainty.

‘Single’ is a collection of photographs of time spent alone, and in transition. The photographs represent objects and scenes that appear unremarkable, but stood out as a stark contrast to my previous life in a relationship.



Growing up in the early 90s, a staple of my childhood was the corner store. It’s where we used our allowance to buy candy as kids, and where we met our friends and snuck into the dirty movie section as teenagers. It was the closest place to grab a bag of chips, cranberry sauce on thanksgiving, and ice cream on a hot day. Most of the stores I frequented were businesses owned by new Canadian families, and their pervasive presence is synonymous with childhood.
As neighbourhoods change, corner stores are vanishing. replaced with new (often more expensive) businesses.
So where do you spend your two dollar allowance? What businesses do new families enter? How does this change our neighbourhoods?
CONVENIENCE documents the remaining corner stores in Toronto before they disappear entirely. The project is photographed entirely on a Mamiya RZ67 medium format film camera, released during the same hay day as my beloved corner stores.



(UN)dressed is collection of photographs of women in various states of undress. The goal of the project is to show the functionality and banality of undressing.

The majority of nudity in fine art photography displays women through the male gaze- sexualized, and in a manner where their body and nudity are not a part of any story within the photo, - their bodies are just on display.

(UN)dressed aims to move the representation of female nudity from one of sexuality and the male gaze to one of ownership and empowerment for the female subjects.